[html4all] AChecker asks for longdesc

Leif Halvard Silli xn--mlform-iua at xn--mlform-iua.no
Wed Apr 27 16:49:11 PDT 2011

AChecker [1] is integrated with AContent which is part of ATutor - a 
LMS system: [2]

]] * Opening the Accessibility tool will evaluate your content for 
compliance with various international accessibility guidelines using 
the AChecker Web service. Note that there is also a smaller 
accessibility icon in the visual editor that performs the same 
function. [[

If the Achecker is not satisfied with an img element, it will suggest 
that the image may need a long description. [3]

The ATutor LMS has documentation on 'Accessible Authoring' and lists 
longdescriptions/longdesc amongst the Top Ten 'Accessible Authoring 
Practises'. [4]

Longdesc seems to have been integrated into Atutor/Achecker in December 
2008. [5]

As ATutor is a LMS, most of the content produced with it is probably 
not available unless one log into a learning web page built with ATutor.

AChecker can be tested online, for any Web page. [6] E.g. you may paste 
the URL of the iCab's logo page into AChecker. [7] If you click on the 
'Potential Problems' link, you are told that 'img element may require a 
long description' - this is first on the 'likely problems' list. The 
AChecker is available from a button the WYSIWYG editor included in 
ATutor. One can try the editor online - though it requires 
registration. [8] Another option is to try ATutor itself at 
OpenSourceCMS.com. [9]

A unique feature with accessibility checker built into the editor is 
that it interactively asks questions and prompts the user to confirm 
that he/she used a HTML feature correctly. 

[1] http://atutor.ca/achecker/
[2] http://atutor.ca/acontent/docs/acontent_author.htm
[3] http://atutor.ca/achecker/demo/checker/suggestion.php?id=8
[4] http://atutor.ca/atutor/docs/accessibility.php#top_ten
[6] http://achecker.ca/checker/index.php
[7] http://www.icab.de/logo.html
[8] http://atutor.ca/acontent/demo.php
leif halvard silli

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